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Hello, whacker here.

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What's up everyone, I guess I haven't done this yet. My name is Jenny, I'm from rhode island, I'm 37, yes 37 years old. I play mainly on Stefan Dobrev in the server. This is my first roleplay server actually. I've been here since may 2021, it's a lot to learn for a newbie. I work full time in retail, fml. I spend most of my free time on the server and watching hulu or netflix at the same time usually. The vampire diaries is my favorite show, my character is named after a real life person and a fictional person from that show. I'm typically shy online, it's been hard for me to open up but I'm working on it. Which is funny cuz I'm not really shy in person at all. I'm very sarcastic and like to make people laugh about stupid things. Lately I've been watching kitchen nightmares, I wish I could scream at people like Gordan. Umm I'm not what else to say, maybe I'll update when I think of something. I still need to do a character story. 🌲

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