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Mirre Baxtor

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Name: Mirre Baxtor
D.O.B: 07/27/2001
Mirre Baxtor was born in 2001 under the name Mirre Tammerveld to Kasper & Thea Tammerveld. The family lived in Vice City where they seemed like a normal Dutch-American family on the outside looking in. Kasper worked long and hard at a factory for 12 hours, and Thea was a stay at home mother. Mirre loved to go to school, where she learned to read at a very early age and always had good grades. Fast forward to the age of 10, and little Mirre started to have early signs of Schizophrenia, which went ignored by here family as they believed she just wanted attention. At the same time, Kasper was always coming home drunk and abusing Thea, leaving Mirre to watch helplessly. Thea started to grow distant and eventually spent her days blaming Mirre for their marriage failing. The voices in Mirre's head would grow louder and louder until one day something snapped in Mirre. Kasper and Thea would go to bed one night, but never woke up. The police reports say that a neighbor saw Mirre wandering the streets at 4 in the morning looking for help for her parents, and she would be covered in blood. The killer was never caught, due to no one expecting a 10 year old to kill her own parents. 
Mirre was put into a foster home, where she would soon run away from when she found out her new parents were drunks. The next home, she was verbally abused. The one after, refused to get her treatment for her mental illnesses due to believing she only needed God in her life. She eventually got treatment after leaving a few more families, but still Mirre would run off, fearing they would turn into the rest.
One day, at the age of 16 she hopped on a bus and arrived in Los Santos. Here first night, she encountered a boy named Evan, who would become the love of her life. Through many trials, and battles with her mental illnesses, Mirre and Evan became engaged to get married. Not long after she was finally adopted by man named Noah Baxtor and welcomed her into his home and family. So far, she feels like she has finally found the right family for her, as well as the right man for her and continues to battle her Schizophrenia in hopes to finally beat the voices one day.
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