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Bus issues and suggestions

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Some issues and suggestions:

1. Add more types of buses (some the actually turns without destroying half of the city.

2. When you spawn a bus check if a bus is already at the spawn point before spawning.

3. Bus stops - do not automatic stop the bus, instead the player once on the white marker needs to open the doors and a timer will count down for who long he needs to stay.

4. Paying - don't know if there is a regular rate for buses when going up as a passenger.

5. GPS route - the current routing system based on GTA V GPS is bad - It needs to give the player the correct path of driving. 

6. Bus route - there are good bus routes on the internet that uses in game stops. I think it is better to see where the stops are and create routes based on that.

7. Airport rental bus job - add a job to take passengers from the airport terminals to the car rental area (allow renting only from the actual car rental parking's in the airport area)


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