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Spreadsheet for occupations etc

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So I have a link that will basically describe it all but I don't want to promote another server here unless it's not that big of a deal. So if an admin is interested I will PM it, otherwise, here goes my best description.

So basically, it seems we've got several solid choices as far as PD, FD/EMS, Auto Garages etc. Having a spreadsheet (mostly helpful for PD/FD/EMS probably) that will show individuals ranks, qualifications (if applicable), vehicles within the department that they're allowed to drive based off of their rank, maybe salaries if so desired. I mean the possibilities are vast, just depends on what the admins/mods are willing or wanting to share publicly. 

I feel as though it'll just bring people a little closer to the career services within the game, better inform people, maybe seeing the higher ranking structures and what not might give people some motivation to what they can work towards. Again, just threw this post together while waiting on my application so totally open to any constructive criticism. I will try to take a screenshot and edit names etc and show it if possible to give an idea.

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This is just a template that I have edited named and logos etc out of for you all to check out. Ranking could use some fixing up and what not but you get the basic idea. I found it very helpful, especially beings how at the bottom of a spreadsheet/google doc you can tab to different departments etc. 


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