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Los Santos city crash sites

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in this topic we will reveal the crash sites in the city, if you found any other ones where emty vehicles are in the middle of the road alot of times let me know, this are two i found crashing while driving, one of them you will remember really quickly, one is new it seems since it never hapend before and now there are more and more crashes going on,


how to help: for those who found a crash site on the map that is rage mp sided, aka if you was driving on a road in the city and you noticed more emty vehicles nearby and you ended up also crashing at the same spot, please make a circle at the exact location so that we can know where the location is, we the community thank you very much for your co-operation,

(why in off-topic? didn't know where else i should put this)


down bellow are the two i found recently



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