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Tuna here!

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Sorry, there isn't really any tuna sandwiches here, just a nick name I've been given over the years.


My name is Xen Cobra, I love to RP, just bought GTA V and joined the server. Am still getting back into RP, and hoping I havn't messed up too bad already lol.


I've donated $120 so far, bought the Super Diamond, and am loving the community thus far. I played SA:MP from beta to about two or three years ago. So I'm a little rusty in RP/Los Santos etc. But I'm usually a quick learner. I've role-played everything from Hotdog salesman, to FBI Director and everything inbetween. So many years of fun, I hope to produce even more years of fun within Eclipse RP and the GTA V Rage platform.


I'm also a retired sc2 pro and CSGO semi-pro(CSS Pro) so I am very competitive and am down to grind my fingers off fishing and everything else to try and get money lol.

What are my goals?: Eventually start a food truck, as that is my life. I'm currently a chef at several italian restraunts (all same owner but we have multiple locations) I make recipes and make sure standards are met etc. So it'd be cool to run an RP food truck business here on the server once I get enough funds.


Also, I apologize to the people I've had sour meets with ingame, I am new to the server, and I hope we can all move forward with life and take the past events with a grain of salt. I forgive you, hope you can return the favor :).

Cheers, and hope to meet some of yall ICly (I'm assuming this thread is fully OOC, or at least it better be for my sake.)

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