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Old News, From SA:MP

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Austyn. As you read I'm old school and came from SA:MP as well. I used to play at Valhalla. I RP'ed as a cop/FBI. I played SA:MP for like 4 years. Just decided to move over to GTA 5 as I miss the RP. No idea what I'll end up wanting to do here. Probably some sort of LEO. Hopefully BCSO will open eventually or LSPD hires again. I was playing on this server for a hot minute then went inactive as driving around in a semi truck isn't really much fun. Hoping to jump back into it. Anyone used to play SA:MP? 

Side note I play X-Plane/P3D too, if you're into that. 🙂


Anywho, catch me in-game (Ausytn_Thieman) how bout dat?

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Hey! Welcome to Eclipse RP.

Many of our community members originate from SA-MP. Always nice seeing new faces from the SA-MP community, the RP experience on SA-MP was much different from the RP on Arma3, Garry's Mod etc. So it might feel different joining a "hybrid" community which consists of many different people from different RP games.

It can get rather dull as a civilian right now, especially if you're alone. We're hoping that more community members step up and create more social interaction RP, we've had a handful of players that hosted weekly events, whether that'd be a triathlon event, race, derby or a camping trip up north, we need more of it! Hopefully, we can get bars and restaurants added soon that players can own and manage. If you're bored of grinding a job, head over to Tequila La La or the Fishing Pier, you can get some RP going there with others and that's where players mostly hang out, or any of the mechanic shops. If you like taking risks, the farms are quite populated after the most recent update to the farming job, but the increased population at the farms also means there's an increased amount of robberies. 

PD recruitment should open soon(ish), we recently had a large batch of Cadets (20+) come through and we're hoping to push them through the Field Training Program before we open our recruitment again. But definitely keep an eye open around the forums and In-Game, we advertise our recruitment when it's open.

- Osborn.

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