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The Rucks Family

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"Power cannot simply be given, it has to be taken."


The Rucks are Los Santos' oldest gang. We've been laying low but after seeing the Cancer that's growing in the city (i.e The Comission and Obscure Assassins) we decided we should put them down. We've been successful in our actions so far, starting an alliance with four other groups and we plan to keep growing.


  Our goals :

 - Take down the Comission, their allies, or anybody that would mess with our plans;

 - Build a strong and trustworthy group, not only ours, but with any of our allies;

 - Keep improving;

 - Protect our members and their ideals;

 - Prosper.


Who are we?

Ben Rucks - The first Brother to come to Los Santos, he was reckless and off the leash until the rest of his family joined him.

Jason Rucks - The youngest of the bunch. He joined the gang after Ben laid out the groundwork for the Rucks.

Adam Rucks - He went into the City alongside Jason, bringing his gang knowledge from his past.

Damian Masters - Adopted at a young age, Damian was cast out from his faimly for his violent tendencies. He became a lawyer in Liberty City until Ben convinced him to join him in Los Santos.

Matthew Valenz - The newest member and second in command. He has been key into bringing the Rucks back into the spotlight.


 Why would you want to join?

We're dedicated to our members. If you're in any trouble we will take care of it, as long as it's in our hands. We're competent people with great connections. We're also able to supply weapons at a cheap price if for personal use or at no cost if used in a "Gang War".


If you think this appeals to you, if you think you can handle yourself, and if you want to grow with us I will personally meet with you and put you through a recruitment process. Look forward to meeting you.


- Matthew Valenz, representing The Rucks Family.


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