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chop car

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Hi everyone, i got a question


Today i found a car on some parking ( i stole it) and I tried to chop it.

I drove to the chop shop, got closer and wrote command to sell it.

Then some messaged appeared like: " stay in the car, it will take approx 8 minutes"


Ok.. i have waited like 15 min OOC and nothing actually happened with my car.

After some time Police came and wanted to arrest me.


so.. how chop shops works? Is police getting some information when people are trying to chop car? Is it NPC buying my car or someone has to come to buy it?


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Hello @themate0! If it is true that you have waited 15 minutes for something to happen, I'd encourage you to create a bug report. I'd also like to inform you, however, that you must remain in place when chopping the vehicle and waiting for the vehicle to successfully be chopped! There is no-one that'll actually physically take the vehicle from you, it is all automatic and based on scripts. Police do not receive information when people try to chop cars, it was likely just a coincidence that they were patrolling the area whilst you attempted to chop a vehicle. 

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