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Voice and Radio Voice can not be heard

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Date and time (provide timezone): 26/06/18 CDT 12:32pm

Character name:  Jason Winter

Issue/bug you are reporting: Both Voice and Radio Voice can not be heard.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Not sure if this is a bug or some weird failure on my end, however, back before the voice fix was implemented for the current update, I was maybe able to hear people speak like 3 out of 10 times with the robotic voice being 7/10 times if I ever could hear voice. Since the voice fix was implemented, I have not been able to hear anyone speak at all. In person or over Radio. I have asked for help in the discord from Ballinbynature, who led me through some trouble shooting. First, we messed with my steam voice settings thinking that could of been the issue with no luck. The issue still persisted. Hew then guided me through the rage folder and had me delete the folder containing the files for ECRP thinking that would of fixed it, but still no cigar. That's when we stopped and he suggested I come here, as this problem is something new to him as well, which we both find very very odd. I ask for more assistance from the Dev team on how to go about possibly fixing this. It is getting really annoying not being able to fully communicate with others due to the inability to hear people speak.

No in game solution works and doing a relog does not work either. That is why I went to the staff in discord about this and now here.

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3 hours ago, NobodyLTU said:

What kind of headphones you have? USB/Bluetooth or 3.5mm ?

I just use my speakers. I have no mic/headset. My speakers are plugged in via 3.5mm. I've been thinking it could be the lack of mic detection that would cause me to not have any luck with hearing voice, but I am not so sure. Harvey brought up to me that it could be my ping, but I have seen others with ping twice as high as mine be able to hear voice. So I am really at a loss here lol

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