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Fruit Stand Business

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     I’m here to propose a Fruit Stand Business to  try and get a business license for one
     With this business you will run and own a fruit stand. This fruit stand will be selling All fruits that are currently in game and smoothies that can be made by the stand (in a coffee cup). 
    The Business will sell the fruits between the prices of 100-350 and smoothies at 380 depending on location and inflation prices . There can also be crates of fruit bought for events or Gatherings at these stands. Witch can be bought for 4000 witch will have 50 of the selective fruit.
      The stand will have a area where you stand and buy the goods like a gas station. I’m the back will be a small office and area to do your business work at and restock goods. To restock your goods you can ether Have a system where you farm your own fruit for a small price  and or you have a trucking company deliver the goods for a heavier price. Then goods can be stored on the shelf when you bring them back or when the truck brings them.
      As the business grows there can be more employee slots and business deals that can be made. Overall it could be a cheap and healthy way to supply food and drinks to our community while creating more businesses to run and help the economy.



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Honestly, people who own stores could just do this already with food and drink they can import for their store. I don't think much script implementation is needed for this to become a reality. People could do that right now with the resources available. 
However +1 in general for more freelance jobs that will cause more player interaction and less driving around A -> B. Toll booth was a great addition because of this. 

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