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To new beginnings!

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Hello, my name is Andreas but I will by going by the username Tufaq since that was already taken here.

I have been roleplaying since 2013 within the SA:MP and MTA community, mostly on MTA and I decided to step it up a knotch by acquring a brand new copy of the GTA V. 

Spent a couple of days on FiveM but I came to the realisation that it doesn t fit my playstyle, and it also comes across as a bit laggy and way too filled with unneccessary mods.

Found the Rage MP mod and in no time I managed to discover that what s going on around here really offers a more immersive and fun roleplaying experience.

At the moment I am waiting on my In Game questionary to be reviewed so hopefully I ll get to meet you IG and get to developing colorful and in-depth characters.


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