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Hello From The UK

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Hello all

New player here. My name is Shayne, I am 37, support worker for vulnerable adults and I am from the UK/Scotland. Not to mention gaming addict since 1984 =)`

I have played other titles in an RP setting. Mostly Dayz, NWN etc. Just had my first 2 hours on here, and first 2 hours of RP'ing GTA style, and I absolutely loved it. There appears to be a lot to learn here, but I am really impressed with the tiny amount I have learned so far. I feel I have found home. 


Thanks for having me!

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Hail m'lord, good to see another roleplayer from the NWN  community!

But yeah, WELCOME @NukSooKow !

Im assuming your name is a reference to one of the greatest cheesy van dam flicks?

Also, i have like 5+ years RP exp in nwn1 and 2. What servers did you play on? 


Posted some links and contact info, def check them out, join the discord, and never hesitate to ask for help!


ECRP DISCORD: https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg

MY DISCORD: Kronyk#6113

RULES: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/68-eclipse-roleplay-server-rules/

RP GUIDE: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/1257-roleplay-guide/

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Hey Jim, and thank you =)

You are spot on with the reference. Still torn between BloodSport and KB (Gotta love the Dim Mak). It's great when people get the reference. Gonna assume you're an 80's child?

I played on World of Amon and recently sank another 70 hours into the new version those awesome guys put out for the NWN:EE on Steam. Good times. My true passion was DAOC though. Well, until I grew tired of the MMO scene. This scene though! How on earth was I so late to the party =/


Thanks for the links. Still familiarising myself with it all, but I am getting the hang of it and having a blast.

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