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I'd have a few suggestions regarding the server, first things first,i'd like to have the inwards of a house to match the outside, becaue i've bought a house that costed me a lot of money and i've been left dissapointed when i saw the horrible inward it had. Another suggestion would be to add more cars from gta online, cars like "Jester Classic" , "Ocelot Pariah", "Dominator GTX" and lots more. I've realised that there's a problem regarding the houses which've been placed for sale by players,because when a house is being sold by the server, and not by a player you can't really see just how many parking lots the house holds. A last suggestion would be the adding of more gambling-like games, because i do believe that those make the game even more entertaining, cuz it makes you spend more time with your friends playing some gamble games, and have fun with them while you're losing your hard-worked money.Also, i'd like a system which shows you the number of days a car has and how many kilometers/miles the car has been driven.

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