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Jason J Winter

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My name is Jason Winter, born September 24th, 1994. I grew up in a small suburb in Liberty City with my brothers, Jade and Kade. My father was an officer of the LCPD who lost his life trying to protect and serve the streets of Liberty City. Our mother, Theresa, was devastated by the loss of our father and fell into a deep depression which ultimately.. ended her life due to severe heart break. My brother Jade lost his mind and was sent to a mental ward shortly after losing both of our parents.  With the loss of both our parents and that our brother Jade was sent away, Kade and I decided to open up a small garage to work on vehicles and to-do restoration projects. We were doing pretty well until a local gang came in and destroyed all that we worked for, demanding protection money. It was then, that I told my brother, that living in Liberty City would end up with us dead. We went our separate ways. I bought a plane ticket to Los Santos, dreaming that a life there would be better and Kade moved south to Vice City. Upon arriving into this new vast city, I was lost and a bit scared to this new concrete jungle. It was just a few weeks later that I saw an ad that the LSPD was looking for new recruits and knowing my father, it would of been something he would want me to do. Honoring what I believed were my fathers wishes, I went down to LSPD and became a member of the force. It was a grand experience! The people I worked with were great and our team work was exceptional! However, three months after joining with the LSPD, I worked my way up high into the ranks and chaos shortly ensued. It came to our attention that our chief was corrupt and doing things he shouldn't of been doing followed along with two others of our very high ranking officers. They were terminated by the government immediately and the PD fell into a power struggle of chaos. I left my position as Lieutenant and moved up north to Paleto Bay where it was peaceful and away from all the evils of the concrete jungle. A year passed; I was living out of an old van, resting on a beach, when one day, this guy came up to me asking if I was interested in joining a family. Well, down on my luck, being homeless and starving, I decided to join up with them. I mean, whats the worst that could happen? The family that I joined, they called themselves "The Exiled". It came to my attention that this was a criminal gang. It was after joining with them, that my life spiraled out of control even worse than it already had. I got involved with drugs, drinking, breaking laws, doing all sorts of criminal activities! At the time, I felt accepted and happy that I had a family once again. After spending almost a year with "The Exiled", I started to come back to the real me. Realizing that what I've been doing isn't who I am and that my life is in utter chaos; I needed to pick my self back up and head down a honorable, straight path. Slowly but surely, I started working my way to being a law abiding citizen again with out "The Exiled" really knowing. I managed to buy a Jobuilt Phantom with the money I had saved up and began side work as a Owner Operator trucker. My luck changed after I took a chance with filling out an application to Bayview mechanical services. I now work full time at Bayview, enjoying the start of a new, and improved life. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, I am now deaf. I've begun going to specialized classes to learn Sign Language so I can still communicate. Each class is only two hours long, but from the few sessions I have attended, I have learned so much! I just hope that the lovely people of Los Santos can understand sign language. 

After searching desperately for many months, Jason was able to find a doctor that could restore his hearing back to near perfect. 



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