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Dealerships getting an office interior.

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Atomic, Hayes, Autorepairs and Heavyflow stand at a door to Access the menu, People stand at the door to buy a car.
Some sort of office like mechanics have or something to create more RP at dealerships.. Motorsports and autoservices have offices.
Also maybe a Laptop in the office people can use to place a vehicle order taking 20% of the Vehicle price off them as deposit and the rest when they collect the vehicle once its been imported.

Dealership owners have to go onto the computer check the orders page and then order that car and message the person that ordered it saying it has arrived and is ready for collection.
just a thought.....

New Cars Put into the server. GTA release so many new vehicles and we don't get to see them. A lot more mods could be added too.
I don't know how hard it is but I guess its pretty simple for our developers.

Here is a link to a suggestion I made about new vehicles: 


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ECLIPSE Roleplay now offers In-Character options to add an office to your business, you can look into it here. However, the only way to order vehicles currently is where the business is being managed, which can not be moved at this time. If you still wish for the "Order on laptop"-suggestion to come to fruition, I advise you to post a separate suggestion about that.

The server has had many different vehicles added to it since this post was submitted, and vehicles are still added whenever they can.

This suggestion has been archived. 

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