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The Unione Corse is a Corsican mafia criminal organization operating primarily out of Corsica and Marseille, France. Members of this criminal organizations, along with various other crime families, maintained the French Connection–a heroin trade monopoly between France and the United States from 1930. Since then our family has branched out and has recently made its way to Los Santos, with a new branch we need more manpower.

What to Expect

To start we're going to need to buy our own section of the city, then after that we can start large scale business ventures. Until then we are just raising money in every way possible, including your usual legal and illegal occupations, as well as any new creative ways to make money. We firmly believe in holding each other's back and when one of our own is at risk we will at drop what we are doing to help them. If you are part of our family, you will be expected to help fund us, but in return you get protection, friendship, and eventually opportunities for large amounts of money.

How to contact us

Either leave a message the Boss (2443233) or ask DJ (4269214) Who can usually be found by the pier fishing.

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