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Car disappeared

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Good evening,



Date and time (provide timezone):  06/12/2021 @ 1400 CST

Character name: Zeus Kingston

Issue/bug you are reporting: I recently put my Brioso R/A up for sale on the lower market roughly 3 days ago. I came back and noticed the vehicle was not in the lot, which I thought perfect it had sold. Upon checking my stats, my money remained unaltered and it still shows I own 1 Vehicle on this character. I attempted to do /vehsellback and it said I needed to be in the vehicle. This is not possible as the vehicle is not at the lot. So I visted Mors Mutual thinking maybe it ended up there, and it wasn't, that section is empty. I have taken a couple screenshots both in game and of the panel to confirm my story.

Expected behavior:  Be able to get my car back or it be at Mors Mutale and it is not. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

Panel Screenshot

Stats Screenshot

Show Vehicles Screenshot


Vehicle license plate number*:  N1S8H51F


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1 minute ago, Aieos said:

It's in the parking lot. Not the High End lot.

I put it up for sale in the low end parking lot. It is not in that parking lot and I can't access it from any garage. It is also not at mors mutal. 

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