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Maxwell Thrace Attorney - Specialist in Civil Rights and Constitutional Law - Protecting the People from abuses of power

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Good afternoon, I’m Maxwell Thrace.  Born on January 17th, 1978, I grew up in Milton Keynes, In the UK, a town located just North of London. My father Howard Carlton Thrace, Sr., had grown up there, and my mother Alice Gertrude (Goldie) Thrace was born and grew up in Philadelphia. Her family had moved to the city from Virginia in the Great Migration of the early 20th century an interesting story that perhaps we can discuss over a brandy at a later date. I have two siblings: an older brother Howard, Jr. and a sister Christine though everyone calls her Christy. 
My parents met in Korea as children, my mother was an army “brat” and my father was the only son of a British diplomatic aide.  They fell in love and kept in touch for years before eventually marrying and my father emigrated to the United States.  After my older brother was born they moved to Milton, Delaware. Both my parents commuted to the northern part of the state for work, with my father, working at a General Foods processing plant as a lab technician and my mother as an equal opportunity officer at the nearby air force base.  She was a fantastic woman and always emphasized the importance of education to us.
As is the case for many my family attended the local church; where I played piano and sang in the choir, I’d like to claim I had the voice of an angel but alas that wouldn’t be true. It seems clear to me that my outlook on life has been heavily influenced by the Church, where churchgoers were celebrated for "standing up after having fallen down". These experiences have stuck with me and I firmly believe each person in our society is more than the worst thing they’ve ever done. 
When I turned 16, my grandfather was stabbed to death in his home during a robbery. The killers received life sentences, an outcome I thought fair despite a deep part of me wanting it to go further.  Because my grandfather was older, his murder seemed particularly cruel. But I come from a world where we value redemption over revenge. A death sentence would’ve come into deep conflict with that so yes… the life sentence was just.
As I’m sure you can imagine a man of my age never experienced first-hand segregation in society.  But I particularly remember my mother noting that it was not right. I can recall how she told us how she protested the day the black children from town lined up at the back door of the polio vaccination station to receive their shots, waiting hours while the white children went in first.   Her stance and speaking out on this injustice and unfairness has always stuck with me and she is certainly a major inspiration in my life.
High school was good to me; I played on the Soccer team and played a little tennis as well though my backhand always let me down.  I also served as president of the student body and won multiple public speaking contests. I have to give my brother Howard, some credit for helping hone my rhetorical skills.  We argued the way brothers argue, but these were serious arguments, inspired I guess by our mother’s views on equality, justice and fairness and the circumstances of our family following the untimely passing of my father to lung cancer while we were still teenagers. I earned straight A's and won a scholarship to Oxford University in the UK I graduated with a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Oxford in 1999 In a few more years I earned both a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and an M.A. degree in Public Policy (MPP) from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, also at Harvard University.  During law school, as part of a class on race and poverty litigation I worked for the Western Center for Human Rights, an organization that represents inmates throughout the West.  During this work, I found my career calling.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working across the United States for various human rights initiatives and in my most recent position where we were collaborating with public-interest organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union I was made aware of the situation in and around the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) with many stories of police brutality, illegal stop and searches and more being brought to our attention.  I quickly came to understand that the LSPD was running amok completely unchecked and as such I’ve moved to the area to look into setting up my own firm.  I am committed to comprehensive investigation of brutality claims and other potential law enforcement misconduct cases, building strong cases that address nuances such as:
•    Police, sheriff and other officer claims that their actions constituted necessary force to protect themselves or the public
•    Cover-ups and collusion to conceal the circumstances of an arrest or other evidence
•    Related claims of wrongful arrest or detention, illegal search and seizure, and denials of due process
•    Police actions that infringe on First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly
It is my firm belief that the majority of the LSPD are true upholders of the law and paragons of justice.  But we need to ensure that the people of Los Santos know that their watchers are being watched and held to account when appropriate.  It may be my British heritage, but the LSPD must police by consent for the people of this city and not impose themselves upon it.  I aim to bring trust in the LSPD back by rooting out corruption and misconduct root and branch.

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