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  1. Can we talk about payment for jobs. It's ludicrously low atm and the pay is offensive relative to the amount of work that goes into it. 100K Litres of fuel to a fuel station 5 miles away for 1k? As a newer player I didn't know it will take me 15mins real time to load, time to drive there then another 15mins to unload. By the time I'd finished I wanted to drive me truck through the petrol station and die in a ball of fire. All that time and effort for 2 burgers worth of pay?
  2. Good afternoon, I’m Maxwell Thrace. Born on January 17th, 1978, I grew up in Milton Keynes, In the UK, a town located just North of London. My father Howard Carlton Thrace, Sr., had grown up there, and my mother Alice Gertrude (Goldie) Thrace was born and grew up in Philadelphia. Her family had moved to the city from Virginia in the Great Migration of the early 20th century an interesting story that perhaps we can discuss over a brandy at a later date. I have two siblings: an older brother Howard, Jr. and a sister Christine though everyone calls her Christy. My parents met in Korea as chil
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