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"RAGE MP: Can't join server. Trying again..."

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Issue Being Reported: When loading into the server I get a mg saying "RAGE MP: Can't join server. Trying again..." 

other servers in Rage Clint work its just Eclipse I'm having problems. I've tried a fresh download nothing changed anything disabled firewall still did not change a thing

Trying F1 Direct Connect did nothing as will

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 06/03/2021 "CST"

Your characters name: n/a

Other player(s) involved: n/a

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:



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Can you send a screenshot of your RageMP Direct Connect screen, just to verify the info has been input correctly. 
The screenshot you posted is looking like Rage never even had a chance to contact the server, as if the IP it is connecting to lead to nowhere. If it recognized it as our server, it would display a different message. I'd like to check to be certain that it's trying to connect to our server.

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