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This won't be the best illustrated suggestion thread but I want to propose a very simple addition to Government jobs.

The law enforcement factions have access to the evidence locker and the game mechanic works well at storing items from arrested players.


The Suggestion

My suggestion would have us pretty much use the existing code with some minor changes to have personal lockers for the various government factions. 

The Lockers should be limited to a couple of slots and should be used for general use items, like a sandwich for your lunch or maybe a place for your bag.


Sorry It's not a long thread, but I think it's a very simple change that can add an extra layer to government jobs.



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Most jobs have an MLO now with some form of locker room. Would be neat to see a re-use of the evidence locker within those locker rooms limited to faction members with smaller storage.

I know a lot of people in gov factions already use the evidence lockers as on-site storage anyway so a proper way to do it would be cool and I imagine other non-PD/SD/DOC jobs would benefit from it also.

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