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Growing weed and others

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Well let's start by saying i like the weed growing system we got going and the fact that it takes so much time to grow add's a cool twist.

However the three standard locations to grow weed doesn't really seem enough to me.

i thought i would be cool if there were some locations out in the woods or in the middle of nowhere that wouldn't be marked on your map untill you found the spot yourself

And as soon as you found one of the spots it would get marked on your map

And i honestly don't know how this goes down on the server but if there were more subdivisions inside the LSPD such as Sheriffs Department and Highway patrol and every division needs to stick to their area's unless backup is needed and well since we have zancudo maybe add a National Guard faction who'd mostly do some training stuff and could only be called in if there is a really fucked up riot or robbery 


That was all <3

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