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Ive been in the server a week, and honestly just by hanging out at the pier ive learned alot about crime IC as criminals seem to have loud mouths in this city. With this knowledge ive gained ive learned that the crim system is not only super archaic but also widely undertuned. IC ive found alot of the "shipment" npcs simply because for 3 days I ran around the city on foot to get around and would cut through alleys and stuff. Im surprised that this is even still a way servers go about crime, the fact that criminal items such as firearms are imported in by an npc thats controlled by a faction given approval on a forum just seems archaic. As for money ive been told by multiple crims that if I want to make money I might aswell just fish because crime doesnt pay well (aka all risk no reward) or even compare unless you can do high end jobs (Havent figured those out IC).


To start off the server should really work away from the whole walk up to and NPC and learn about "shipments". Illegal markets should be something that requires some sort of "whitelist" because an NPC telling you where to pick up a shipment of guns and armor isnt really RP and to be honest quite immersion breaking. To supplement this being gone items in the the illegal market should be crafted by a player who has found out in RP to craft guns, whether its through an admin event or something of the sort. But the items should come from one or a group of trusted community members. Heres how this would work

1. Anonymous character in the world possesses the knowledge on how to manufacture guns illegally, he has a workbench within his home where he keeps his recipes. These recipes require materials to craft.

1A. Anonymous character would have to live a relatively clean life to not raise suspicion with police so that his properties are not raided.

2. These materials needed will come from various jobs within the city legally and illegally through for example: The chopshop, character is chopping cars to make some money under the table, when he chops cars he gets rubber and metal on top of some money. As for legal jobs it could be like garbage men find recyclable good like rubber, glass, and metal on top of their salary.

3. These people who gain these materials can sell them to mechanics or gangs for them to be used to craft car repair parts, or guns n armor. 

4. The anonymous man who makes these guns needs the materials, so he uses connections or trust worthy associates to buy these materials off people at a price that would let people make extra money on the side but let him sell the guns in bulk for a 10-20% profit margin

5. The anonymous man would then craft his guns and use trusted associates to reach out to large gangs and sell them guns ONLY IN BULK via dead drops or whatever way they deem safe to not raise suspicion of the the source

5A. These large gangs would then take these bulk shipments and spread tiny shipments out to trusted freelance gunrunners or low ranking gang members to sell on the streets to individuals, these guns would be sold at about 10-15% profit margin to avoid unrealistic inflation both at the shipment to gunrunners to then the streets.

5B. The reasoning for this pricing scale is to make sure civilians selling their own materials help influence the supply and demand of the market rather than the criminals controlling the market and getting rich unrealistically fast.

This model could obviously be alot cleaner but this is just simple brainstorm of it. This model also doesnt have to work with just guns, it could deal with body armour or even the refining of drugs, certain gangs could have access to refining drugs but only certain people would have the knowledge to make the best strain

Now onto the problems with small time criminal jobs. To make petty theft and small bank jobs not all risk no reward, we would have to make it so store robberies and small bank robberies pay equal to semi higher than legal counterparts. There is no reason that a criminal with unique and great robbery, and getaway plans should make less than someone who fishes all day. As to fix that problem you could make it so that police dont get alarmed of a store robbery until the robber has the money in his possesion because quite frankly if you walk into a store and point a gun at someones head and tell them to empty the register, they are going to do just that. They arent going to call the cops then give you the money or hit the panic button right when you walk in. Now you dont need to give them time to get away for free, there just has to be enough time for them to be leaving the scene as cops get there.

On top of these crim jobs paying more realistically in comparison with legal jobs, the 1 week OOC rule with hostages should be null and voided, Hostages are a crucial part to crime, and offer a form of bargaining with police officers without them just coming in and blasting you cause theyre a cop and think they have that ability. Hostages can provide for really unique plans and overall provide better RP as a crim and officer and as an RP server it seems weird that we would damper RP 



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