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For sale apartment suddenly locked doors

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Date and time (provide timezone): image.png.44407424beb1768d6b5fb4d8074904d3.png

Character name: Toby_Iommi

Issue/bug you are reporting: Doors suddenly locking, in an unlocked for sale apartment. 

Expected behavior:  They shouldn't suddenly lock.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:  I went in to apartment 62 on rockford hills, metro los santos. I was for sale for about 300k i had like 270 so i wanted to see how it was. 
i went in, and ran around to look at it, i might have toggled some of the doors on the way in since this was the first time in an apartment. so i thought i might have to open them by accessing them.  To my regret that might have locked them on my way in. Then i wrote to an admin, waiting for a few minutes, then he asked if i had evidence, i didn't since i did not think of recording me going in to an apartment that i wanted to buy. Then i called PD as instructed. And they were aware that it was for sale, and that it was a bug, they said "it happened all the time". I will be reporting those officers for bug abusing. But to get to the point, they ended up arresting me for a speeding ticket, finding my gun, impounding my motorcycle, taking my knife, hatchet, mask, fishing rod, and bag. All this while they knew it was a bug? WHy on earth would anyone gain illigal acces to an apartment for sale?? Please fix this and get me out of jail, and give me  my money and stuff back, this is outrageous.



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