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Prem ban stig stone

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Character name(s): Stig stone


Admin who issued punishment: MrWonavailable

Date of punishment: 2021-01-22

Punishment received: Nonrp 6 


Reason given for punishment: I was pickloking a car. And then a cop came and gave me demands. I follow them, and then i asked what do you want me to do. She started to type.

Then i ran into the truck and pressed the gas and didt mean to drive her over but i did. 


Your explanation of what happened: It same as up there. 

Why should your appeal be accepted?:


I been banned for a extended time now, and i played on many rp servers on various modded gta platforms. On all the different Rp servers i haven't found any one thats like good as ecrp. The whole Community is just different. Theres events where every one can be a apart off not just some player. I miss be apart off stuff like that. I have non rp 6 and i got banned for that. When i been banned i been rping on other rp servers and seen how bad rp there is. In some server admins dosent care about the rp being mad so all the players combat logg and brake rules without any punishment. But not in ecrp, i know many times where rules been broken and the admins have come to the rescue. I miss that. I miss to have a server where you can rp without the police all the time. Because most off the server out there is cops vs crims and i dont like that. I want to have good experience rping. I dont like to get robbed in the middel off the street in the day. I almost stopped playing rp because there´s no other servers as fun as ecrp. Now when i been banned i red the rules alot off times and really been going in to them and Understand them. In the past i been playing ecrp like is some kind off win game where the goal is to have as much money as you can. And i came to Understand now that every charater in the game cant have asets. So my main foucus is to provide good rp and make sure everyone else is having a good time.  I wont play because i want to shot ppl. I can do that in gta online. I understand my mistakes in the past, and i know why i got the panel i have. And i learned form it too. I miss many player on ecrp that i became deep friends with in ic. 

I miss to act like the character Stig. From all the rp server i played on i inprowed my rp and seen bad rp so i learned how to not act. When i been banned i still watched streams off ppl playing ecrp and missed it so much. I understand all my rule breaks and i respect that i got them. I really hope to get unbanned so i can see all the changes around the city. I heard some much, but i want to see it my self. If i come back i will start a own car rental, where you can rent all kind off cars. Familycars and what every you can think about. But first i will catch up with old friends. Like gordon. I believe that ecrp is the best rp server and i want to be apart off it again and thats why i want to get unbanned. 

I wish to log back in on ecrp and rp wtih you all.

regards Stig. 




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