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Suggestions after my first month on EclipseRP.

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This is a beautiful server but I think it’s lockpick system is outdated. Pure RnG based lockpicking isn’t realistic and there’s plenty of new systems that are skill based. I.E a lock pick system where the player has to stop the circle at a certain point several times w varying speeds. The current system I’ve spent 20 picks on a single car, which is terribly unrealistic. Then the new system gives plenty of variability for making it more or less difficult depending on how hard admin needs to clamp down on theft rates. 

Im not sure how hard coded it is, but looking into making work vehicles only drivable by the person that took them out would seem to be more in line with the community rules of not robbing public jobs on duty. Farms are heavily raided, however it’s avoidable if you keep your head on a swivel they’re low grade thieves looking to grab quick runs and leave. The PD offers easy enough gun licensing in the event you’re repeatedly held up and need to carry while working. 

The (New Player) indicator is such a catch 22. On one hand players reached out and offered amazing help, on the other hand it’s a target for trolls and rule breakers. It could be helpful to let the newest of players know they’ll need to capture screen shots/photos for evidence in order for an admin to execute necessary help. It can’t be he said she said situations. Admins are AMAZING on server and always in my experience have been kind, helpful, swift, and patient. I just think a tutorial on how to protect your new character best may help, and what’s necessary to report things that violate community rules. 

Past that I’m really enjoying EclipseRP and will continue to play/donate! Beautiful server. 


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