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Beau Brooks

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My name is Beau Brooks and I was born and raised in Savanna Georgia. When I was a young mud slinging rascal one of my favorite games was cops and robbers. I would play that game like no other, I would put in the effort to be a cop and think like a cop. And if I ever got to play a robber, I would do my darnest best to be a better robber than what other kids would normally try to be. I knew that back then just as I know now about something called contradictions, you see?
Then came the times of growing up, and I surely wasn’t expecting paradise but to see violence rear its ugly head on my front lawn and all around me was all the rattling and the shaking a kid could take. I saw domestic violence take over many of a household, mine included. I am my father’s son, but I ain’t gonna sugar coat his many faults, namely that of the liquor and the smoking. My mom never had a chance to see him become a better man since she died before I turn 13 and my dad only came around as I got older and so learned how to help him, and he let himself be helped, indeed. I must have been 17 by then. And also by then, I’d already witnessed a fatal shooting, a drunken violent brawl, and even the burning of a man alive. Yeah. Tough. Seeing death straight in the face, and how it consumes a body, and a soul, it’s crushing, I ain’t lying. People underestimate what it means to have the weight and the fate of a man’s life in your hands through the barrel of a gun, or the symbol of a badge. No easy thing, never ever. Most especially when tempers are high and unrest is the order of the day.
I did my best to help my community before I enrolled at the military academy and then for police. In the end, I kept close to my people. I went back eager to help as a young 21 or 22 year old man, and I found a friend and mentor in Deputy Barnes, you may have heard of him. God don’t make’em like that no more. Honorable, amiable, capable, those are the three words I think best describe him.
Anyways, he taught me all I know about being a cop, a true cop, a true police officer. Knowing your community well, talking to people, knowing people, doing the necessary ground work, you know? Know who’s who beyond a file or a mugshot and a sheet of paper. And knowing that sometimes people do bad things cause they think they have no choice. I understand that as much. Violence is a cycle, and I would hate for a cop to perpetuate that with senseless violence and a war that ain’t no war but some politicians' smart move for the press.
I think I should be selected because I’m here to bring all my values and my lessons to share with partners and citizens alike. I shall get to know Los Santos like the back of my hand, like the center of my soul, God willing. I shall make this department proud, and put the motto of Protect and Serve where it rightfully belongs, along with Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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