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Development Blog #8

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Development Blog #8





Game Panel

Eclipse RP Release

Yes that's right! As promised, this dev blog comes with the release of Eclipse RP. With the release, we also provide to you a
for any future development updates. The changelog will contain all modified, added, or removed features from the script that have been implemented (currently in-game) or otherwise.

Eclipse RP Server Information (LINK)



Where can YOU register to play? Simply login with your forum account. If you don't have one yet, make one!

Help Menu

We don't expect anyone to know how to play based upon our several previous dev blogs, so if you want to know what commands and features are available to you simply press F5 in-game at any time.

Basic Script Cleanup

Script has been cleaned up and organized to speed up performance and reduce the amount of resources being used. This should increase the performance of players on the server as well as prevent any unwanted server/client crashes. More cleanups to be scheduled later on.

Bug Fixing

Our beta testing team did a good job at testing all our features and giving suggestions for the server. All of these bugs (not including GTA:N issues) have been stomped out by our development team and have been tested heavily to ensure every script works and is easy to use and understand for players.

Bug Reporting

Since the server was just released, we encourage all players to report any bugs they find so they can be fixed ASAP. We have tested all features of the script thoroughly but there is a chance there are some bugs left so please do this to help make Eclipse better.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Players may get a license to operate a personal/commercial vehicle through the DMV. More information on this can be found on the

Weapon Shops

Players may purchase a gun permit and a certain set of weapons for their self protection. Careful, if you use your permit wrong you'll get it suspended and may not get another one!




Vehicle Insurance

When you buy a vehicle you will need to insure it. Go to one of the many locations across the map to get an insurance broker.




Vehicle Rental

Rental cars are placed in common locations on the map. If you don't have a license, you are limited to a certain amount of km. This will be a very important feature for all new players, especially when trying to get around to find a first job and eventually make enough for a first car of their own.





Warehouses are now available across Los Santos. A warehouse allows a faction / player to store weapons, drugs and vehicles. Warehouses range in price depending on location and size, with the warehouses closer to the city center being more expensive and those on the outskirts being cheaper. To order a shipment of weapons, drugs or vehicles, the owner / faction leadership will place an order, these orders vary in delivery times (12-48 in game hours). When ordering a shipment, you are able to select the quantity, the more you buy, the cheaper it will be (up to 25% discount). Once the order is placed, you will have to wait for it to be delivered. The owner / faction will be alerted about the delivery location of the order 4 hours (in game time) before it arrives, this gives you time to prepare. Once the order has arrived, you will need to unload the weapons / drugs / vehicle from the shipment container, placing them into a truck trailer or several vehicles. Once you arrive back at your warehouse, you unload the contents. You are then able to withdraw the contents of your warehouse to do as you please. When your shipment arrives, it is completely up for grabs, meaning any player or faction can steal your shipment. Be careful of informants and spies, as knowing your enemies shipment locations will play a big part in gang rivalry.




In-game Faction System

The in-game Faction System has been fully implemented. Anyone may open the tab by pressing F4 on their keyboard. The faction menu has numerous amounts of tabs, buttons and features with a sleek look. Players may request invitation to a faction, view factions and create and manage their own faction with support for division, group and rank control.

Police System (LSPD)

The first version of the LSPD faction has been fully implemented. Prior to this, there were small systems in place for getting uniform, cuffing, dragging and using active MDC (scans for vehicles in front of cruiser). For release the script has been completed to a stable version. This release includes a regular MDC for an officer to create/view police units, send out/respond to back up requests (and 911s) and assign cruisers to their unit. The MDC also has functionality to search for person/vehicle records. Police can issue tickets which can be paid at LSPD reception.


Demonstration video of a police traffic stop:



Staff Team Changes

We'd like to introduce our newest Moderator to the team. He has been our "secret" closed Alpha tester and has been helping us by looking for bugs and ensuring everything is working well. An experienced Admin and friend to Eclipse, special thanks to
for helping Eclipse release that much sooner because the team had someone to test with! Congratulations and welcome to the Eclipse Staff Team! Thanks to our small but highly informative beta testing team,
, and the closed beta testing members as well.

Support Eclipse Network!

If you would like to contribute with a donation, we would very much appreciate it. Remember all donations are going to be invested into hardware to improve the quality of your gameplay.
The credit store and VIP system are still in development and should become available in the upcoming days.

[spoiler=Donate using PayPal]
You can donate using PayPal by going into the game panel and logging in with your forum account:




[spoiler=Donator Rewards]

Donators receive a permanent donator tag on the forums and Discord. They are also given credits, that are going to be used to purchase VIP status or items from the credit store. If a donator sends multiple donations during the donation period, they are going to be summed up and a credit bonus will be applied.


$5 | 500 Credits (No Bonus)

$10 | 1,000 Credits(No Bonus)

$15 | 1,500 Credits
(+ 100 Bonus Credits)
= 1,600 Credits

$20 | 2,000 Credits
( + 150 Bonus Credits )
= 2,150 Credits

$25 | 2,500 Credits
( +200 Bonus Credits)
= 2,700 Credits

$50 | 5,000 Credits
( + 500 Bonus Credits )
= 5,500 Credits

$100 | 10,000 Credits
( +1,500 Bonus Credits)
= 11,500 Credits



Final Note

We would like to thank you all for your patience and for following us as a community. We know it has been a slow development process, with GTA:N and with Eclipse RP but we wanted the players to have a good product before releasing. I assure you all that the wait was worth it, just join and give us a try! Our script is greatly developed with many features and hard work put in to ensure players enjoy our server. The decision is obvious, choose Eclipse!

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