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Name:            Zak Power
Goes By:         Zak
Birth Name:   <redacted>
Birthdate:      11/3/1987
Age:                32
Birthplace:     Liberty City Medical Center
Gender:          Male
Zodiac:           Scorpio
Ethnicity:        European
Nationality:    American
Race:               White


He started with humble beginnings and being the youngest of five. He was a product of strong Catholic values. Yes, an accident brought on by a strong belief against birth control. Childhood was as most are growing up in Liberty city, filled with memories of fast cars, police chases and shootings so consistent they seemed to be scheduled out. This never really bothered him though, he knew the drill pretty quick and found if you stay out of the way you are usually left alone. In the times that you're not though, just comply to the demands and you will live to see another day.

As he got older and starting gaining the ability to think for himself he found his-self running around with a crowd that liked to find themselves on the other side of the law. He found this to be invigorating and the brotherhood between them really solidified them into one of the toughest crews in the neighborhood. While this made them fast money and the ability to traverse the city freely, they found it was bringing more and more heat from OG crews as well as law enforcement. This all came boiling to a head when they lost a brother to the streets. 


They suddenly found themselves in the middle of a war against some of the most devilish groups in town. They got into the game to make the money and being so young they never realized what the outcome could be and what this way of life could cause. As situations ratcheted up they needed more able bodies to help them in the fight. Looking back, this was the beginning of the end. At first this worked well, they were making advancements on the streets and getting less and less targeted attacks. The problem was they didn't vet the newcomers as well as they should have which caused a collapse that would give Rome a run for its money.

One day as they were crossing the Broker Bridge on their way to Outlook Park to post up at our normal sell spots they found the end of the bridge was blocked off by LCPD. They tried to turn around to run but found that where they entered there was a blockage as well. At that point they knew they had two choices. Start a fire fight or concede. They chose the latter because they had already lost too many brothers. 


As it turns out, one of the recruits brought in was a rat. He was picked up days prior for selling narcotics to an undercover officer. They turned him and he had set his brothers up in exchange for immunity. The beauty of the situation was they were all still underage and all they could get them with was the possession. They always carried 5 grams short of the line that would turn it into distribution. This meant they could skate away with a little time served in Juvi and have their records expunged as adults. 

The time in Juvi allowed for a lot of self reflection and growth. During this time Zak spent his days reading and educating himself on a various number of topics. This is the point in time where he realized he needed to change his path. He still had a love for the street but needed a way to do it better and with less conflict and death. He decided he would hang up his criminal hat until he could find what that better way was. Once they were all out they decided they had one final job before going their separate ways.

While serving our time the streets changed drastically. They had lost all of their turf and new beefs arose among the others. They didn't have the heart to start over and all agreed that they needed to finish the business by delivering the payback deserved to the rat. Late one night they all gathered and had found the location of the traitor they used to call brother. They had someone trick him into meeting thinking he was delivering some product to a customer he knew. Little did he know they were lying in wait and once he was at the spot they struck. 


Once it was done and they knew he couldn't narc anyone else out again they were able to put him somewhere he would never be found. He fell as cowardly as he lived but even through the tears and screaming, they knew he understood the consequences for his actions. Now Zak and the others were free to go live their lives as they saw fit.

Once on his own Zak decided to go to school and learn how to be a mechanic. He needed a legit way to make money if he was going to have any chance of surviving long enough to retire. Zak jumped through all the hoops and learned what he needed to so that he could get out and find a job fast. He started working for shop chain that had multiple locations across the country. He was able to get into the only Gas N' Baz Total Spanners in Liberty City. Zak's first duties were changing oil and doing other basic maintenance for customers but it didn't take long to move up.


Almost 12 years later he had worked his way up to running the shop. Zak had made this business thrive by giving quality service at a fair price. He made connections on a personal level with the customers as well as the staff on site. What kept people coming back was their integrity and the customers knew that they would talk straight to them on needed and recommended services. This low pressure atmosphere turned into high sales and repeat business. 

One day while closing down Zak had a mechanic come up saying he found a note on my car door. This note scared Zak to the bone and is the reason he made the decision to start over in the Greater Los Santos area. This note had ripped out skeletons from the closet that he had long forgotten. It was a brother looking for vengeance. He had either put the pieces together or found the truth somehow and Zak was not sticking around to find out how. He booked a flight to Los Santos, decided on a new identity and resigned his position. 


After landing in the city Zak decided he needed to get on his feet as soon as possible. This meant getting his license and starting to haul money for a local company. He was able to save up enough to get his CDL and start driving truck. He learned a valuable lesson with that, delivering money was more lucrative. He was not ashamed of crawling back but he was for wasting the time and money it took to change his career. 

Finally Zak was able to buy some wheels so he decided to get a Zombie Bobber. This would allow him to leave behind the loneliness of the road and start fishing. Who would imagine that fishing could bring in so much cash. It was a dream come true because not only was he making good money, he was also reminded of the days fishing with his father in the Humboldt River. That's where Zak learned the skills I was needing now to start over. It's too bad his choices early in life would have him exorcized from his family. For a religion so intertwined with forgiveness you would think they would have moved on and accepted him back.

So now, as he tries to accumulate enough money for a place of his own, He is looking for a spot to put his expertise to use. Zak would love to start turning wrenches again. He has been watching job listings and classifieds and it seems Bayview is currently his only chance to get back in a shop. He is hoping to get an interview soon and make it up another step in this city.

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