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Zion Willard

Vehicle Speed Limit Bypass

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Date and time (provide timezone): n/a

Character name: Zion Willard

Issue/bug you are reporting: The 240km/h is bypassable

Expected behavior:  It should not be 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: If a vehicle is repaired by an admin, I believe the speed cap is removed from the vehicle - as is what happened when a comet retro I was driving was repaired by a member of the staff team due to desync issues. There are other ways I believe people can bypass this, but I think these are known by staff and I wont mention them on an open post for obvious reasons.

Vehicle license plate number*

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Can confirm this is possible after testing with a member of staff. 

Steps to replicate:

  1. Enter the drivers seat of the vehicle.
  2. Have the mod /repair from the passenger seat.
  3. Speed cap is now removed.

Evidence with Unix:



The speed cap resets on the vehicle once it has been parked.

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