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How to Play it Smart [And RP better]

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So you wanna RP? 

Well you've come to the Right Place



Hello there, my names Zach Vaun, and id like to give you a few head's up from a long term and experienced RP'er such as myself. These might help you, they may not, but they will definitely point out a few issues that people have on the Server.

Point 1:

You are a Criminal with a Carbine, not a Terrorist.

The issue that a lot of Criminals have is, they get their hands on a Carbine and all of a sudden they revert back to C.O.D. They feel invincible. "I can Lag Shoot, so I can kill everyone and get away with it!". Then, they get in a big police chase, and they get shot down, and they spend the next five minutes either saying in /b "I don't have time for this, hurry up, I'm leaving soon". Or they complain about how "The PD gets all these guns and I don't! Wah wah wah!".

Well, heres one way to solve that. 

Remember all that remorse you had when you lost that Gun? The terror you had when you watched Officer Robertson [Tenminutes] pull it off you? Maybe it would've all been averted if you had just used that terror as Fear RP in the first place. Fear RP doesn't just apply when you get caught, it should apply beforehand too. In the ways of your items, your valuables, your precious. You're literally going to go spend all this time, get a gun, then go around flaunting it? Maybe if you keep it on the low, only pull it for defense or when you know no one's around, you wouldn't lose it. I don't know, maybe just a thought ;0.

Point 2:

Every stop Isn't an arrest.

I can't tell you how many times I've been pulled over on my alternate, complied, and gotten off with a $1000 ticket.

I can tell you that I pull people over for a warning quite often, only for them to get 30 days and a $5000 ticket for Felony Evasion though. 

The thing is, we at the LSPD aren't trying to get you, as popular belief would say. The majority of us just want to RP. Remember, like that one time when we got out, took the time to type out "Grabs shotgun from the seat"- only to have you jump out with a Carbine and gun us down? Wow, and we don't RP? 

Just pull over, take the ticket, pay it or not, you still RP'd a little bit. Instead how it normally goes down is, we flash the lights, you run, you get caught, you bitch for 30 minutes. 

Final Point:

Maybe if your so upset that you lost a gun, so sad that you did not get away, or so broke, then you should maybe RP that way. You know why I never get caught on my Alternate? Because I play smart. If I'm afraid of getting caught, I won't do anything in LS. If I wanna steal a car, I don't steal one from the PD parking lot. If I have a Carbine, I keep it someplace safe until I plan to use it. Wait.. what was that last word? Plan? Yeah, it's something simple that really helps in the long run. Plan stuff out. Don't go to the highest populated areas and start committing crimes, Plan for it. The thing is at the end of the day, maybe it's not the PD that's fucking you over? Maybe it's yourself for putting yourself in that situation.

Just a thought ;)

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