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The New UI Improvments

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The new UI is most likely sticking around but it needs a lot of work to be more efficient over the old system here are some points that I think would help out the new system and make it a lot better.


  1. Main issue Current Binds -The current way the system works means that it uses next weapon and previous weapon binds on the scroll wheel so a lot of the time it will pull a gun out or the weapons wheel will pop up and be annoying while trying to interact with an object. This needs to change there must be another way to use the scroll wheel to scroll the menu maybe binding different keys or removing the weapons wheel when you scroll.
  2. Houses & Properties - The way we access houses now is slow and annoying mostly because we have to look at the floor find the area where we can scroll and unlock the door this is a lot of work just to access your house this also needs fixing. The menu should be placed above the middle of the door, so we don't have to move our cameras the bottom of our doors, or we go back to the old system for unlocking the doors.
  3. UI Itself - The UI looks good but the area where you can use the menu is way off for mostly everything you could be looking in the middle of a bag and it would not allow you to use the menu the access coordinates needs fixing or reworking so it's the same access points all around the menu.
  4. Other map interactions - At the moment most things like shops and ATM's have been moved to the new system but you leave things like parking out and dealerships are still on the old system I feel like everything should be on the same system to stop confusion.
  5. Bags & cases - The way the menu is set out on bags is not good we have to scroll 3 times just to search it this should be the other way around the options should be search - pickup - carry.


Current binds


New door idea


UI access box


Old system


Bag order



If you can think of any other improvements please post them!

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