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Mechanic Shops/Chop Shops update

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So this suggestion is probably going to be long and the main reason for the suggestion is more rp.

Firstly i'd like to see separate  mechanic stores that can be purchased and run by players. These stores could have their own niches to make them stand out and give you a reason to go to them over other mechanic shops. Maybe one shop specialises in motorcycles so you can get cheaper prices for your upgrades and repairs. Maybe another specialises in Super cars giving you a good deal on getting your dream car max modded. 

Secondly is player run chop shops. Allow players to purchase chop shop tools to take apart cars and make their own chop shops. How cool would it be to roll up to a chop shop and actually see people there taking apart your stolen car so they can make a profit. Instead of having a scripted chop shop that always moves locations PD would have to actually make the arrests and clear the chop shops. 

Finally I'd like to see mechanic shops buying cheaper parts from chop shops that they can use to actually repair vehicles and make profits. Imo the more player interaction and the less scripted shit there is the better. Its an rp server after all 🙂

Just want to say that chop shops and the government Mechanic shops shouldn't be removed 

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