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Hiden safe locations.

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So me and some other people had a big discussion about this rule. I don't understand how hiding your safe behind a painting/poster/sofa is against the rules. Its a very accessable spot by everyone and all you have to do is ; /me lifts up the painting from the wall ; /me removes the poster ;  /me drags the sofa from the wall. Many people agreed with me but turns out this is somewhat against the rules? Realistically no one would leave their safes in an open area, they are meant to be hiden. I understand hiding your safes deep inside a wall is against the rules because that location is realistically not accessable at all. But spots like behind a painting is perfectly fine and it's still accessable by anyone you just have to RPly take the painting off the wall.

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it clearly says player built structures. you can still hide it behind a painting inside your house as you haven't placed that down, you can access it trough a wall so its not really blocked anyway.

I think this rules says you cant Prop Block your stash spot. like /removefurniture your wall every time you want to access your stash


Hope this helped and i would love to have this confirmed by an admin

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Thank you for your patience while this suggestion was being reviewed/researched.

After reviewing/researching this suggestion, we have decided to deny it for the following reason(s): 

  • The rule in question is regards to blocking off areas of the property with items that cannot be moved to basically hide items that players would not be able to access without tearing down furniture. Players are welcome to have safes behind items such as paintings if they wish.

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, do not post another suggestion pertaining to this topic. You will still be able to submit other suggestions on the forums.



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