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Faction money not recieved

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Date and time (provide timezone):  5/21/20 1:28:40 PM (UTC)

Character name: Audrey Salvatore

Issue/bug you are reporting:  
So, when I logged in I recieved the message that I got removed from the LSEMS faction (as I resigned) and I got paid for the hours I made:

I drove around for around 5-10 minutes and headed towards the bank to go get that salary + wellfare money. As I arrived and got on to the interaction point, I recieved this message:

This tells me there is only $7,597$ left from the 35K+ I recieved from MD + wellfare money...
I am pretty sure I should have been paid more, no matter what tax bracket. I feel like the 35,750$ that was said I was paid, never got paid, and I only got my wellfare in salary still.

I got a GIF to confirm I didn't go to bank in between those screenshots: https://gyazo.com/5fa95bdb84600b667071498b2fc8559a

This is the first time I have this and I am a bit confused, hence why I submit this bug report.

Expected behavior:  having the 35,750$ added to my salary

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: N/A. all I did was just log in and... go to bank. I even got a full recording from logging in to the moment where I got to bank if needed.

Vehicle license plate number*: N/A

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