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The Firm

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Back Story 

After the death of twins Ronnie and Reggie the rest of The Firm decided "business" in the UK was declining. The Firm held a group meeting in the twins previously owned Double R Club in London. The meeting concluded in four new leaders of The Firm being appointed and the whole Firm deciding to take over the city of Los Santos as a new start leaving the legacy of the Twins behind in London and starting fresh. Famous for there "blacked out" approach The Firm are a group of skilled business men who are also no strangers to violence. The 2 most important values that The Firm abide by are Legacy and Reputation and anyone who tries to ruin them values will be dealt with however the leaders feel necessary.









Must be somewhat experienced in the city.

Must be a honourable and trustworthy member of The Firm.

Must respect all members of The Firm no matter what rank.

Activity is key if you are not active you will be removed from The Firm.

Must have a working mic.


The Council

Joey Martin

Callum Daisley

Callum Walton

Tony Bigatoni


(screenshots will be added soon)


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