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I made an Application for EMS and now its been deleted without getting a reply.

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Around 1-2 weeks ago I made an Application for EMS with the character Cain Marakenov. I had no reply and upon checking, I noticed it is no longer there. It is not in any subforums nor is it archived or expired. Its as if it was deleted.


This is a link I found from my history. The link which was my application. Any detail as to what happened would be appreciated. 

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My apologies for this apparent misunderstanding. When reviewing this application we noticed you had responded to it with a reply message saying "ignore" we understood this to mean that in the time between apply and us looking at the application you had either lost interest and found another job. We apologise for making this assumption and encourage you to reapply and your application will be given top priority.

Regards, Phil McCoy

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