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Got into jail for proof that probably is inexistent

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First of all I'd like to mention that I'm a new player here. So let's begin with my story. Me and some dudes robbed some stores. We did everything like on movies, we check if the place was empty and it was safe to rob, we then put our masks on and also gloves. One of us always destroyed the CCTV thing to don't let evidences to the cops. What happened next, we simply got pull over by a cop on a highway, the cop called backup and then told us we're suspected for some robberies happened nearby. He checked our licenses and everything was fine. Then, a random girl came up and told him she has the proof of us robbering a store. What happened next? Well, we basically got into jail even tho we were asking to see the evidence used against us. He didn't show it to us ofc. After all this, we lost about 15k each to an evidence which could be inexistent. The random girl could have been anyone, even a friend of the cop. 

So you may I, why did I wrote this? I wrote this to know if there is someway to check if she really found us robberying and if there's anyway to see the evidence she used against us. Cause it sounds unfair for us, also as I already said the girl could have been anyone.

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Nobody can answers your question, because we weren't there for the RP. There are plenty of ways police or anybody can RP'ly find out if you was doing something, or it was simply officer incompetence, which is still IC.

This is an IC issue that needs to be resolved IC'ly. If you think a rule was broken then create a player report based on evidence, otherwise forward a complain to the Internal Affairs IC'ly. 

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