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Nvidia Share(Shadow play) Setup Guide

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Many questions that people ask is "How do i setup and record on Shadow play?" Shadow play is now known as Share.

Im going to answer that question with this quick guide.

  • You need to have an Nvidia Graphics card for this to work. I would suggest using Fraps if you don't have an Nvidia card installed.
  • Ensure to have GeForce Experience Installed. 
  • All these settings are set for personal preference. 


  1. Once you have it all installed the default hot key for opening your Share menu is "ALT + Z" .
  2. With the menu open go to the cog on the right hand side. Here
  3. In this menu you can set all your binds and where your recordings save to. Here
  4. Once you have chosen what settings you want and what binds you need go back to the main menu. Here
  5. Now at this stage you can do instant replay, record or broadcast. I am going to be showing you the instant replay.
  6. Click on Instant replay and choose Customize. Here
  7. In this menu you can choose what settings you would like, here are my settings. Here
  8. Once you have chosen your settings you are good to hit save.
  9. Now you will need to activate Instant replay, choose Instant replay and then turn on, It should look like this. Here
  10. That is now Shadow Play active and recording. Now when you use your hot key you set (Default "ALT + F10") This will save the last 10 minutes of recording and you will get a notification like this. Here (I missed the 10 minutes one so only saved 16 seconds!)

That will save to your folder of choice which was set in the settings.

I hope this guide helps you out and if you have any questions or additions to this guide please feel free to DM myself here or on Eclipse Discord @mike simms/rich.




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