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/drag for downed suspects/civilians

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There were rumors that the bug in it was fixed, but it is still not functioning as intended. When after RPLY stabilizing a civilian/suspect and no medical units are available, we try to use the /drag command, it works, saying in /me Dekkar Darkmire carries *name* to a vehicle , up until we do /undrag, as soon as you do, it insta heals the person your dragging - and insta kills/incapacitates the police officer - as if the roles switch as soon as you type /undrag. Now this ONLY applies to downed suspects/civilians, and works fine for healthy living suspects/civilians.

Also noticed that in most cases whilest they are draged, and you enter your squad car, they are stuck in a teleporting phaze where they keep entering/exiting the back of the police vehicle. Reconnectng doesn't seem to fix.

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