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Citations removed on arrest

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I can't help but notice that tickets are not removed on arrest, which is crazy when you think about how high tickets can get. Yes, I'm a police officer myself but I also have an alternate character whom is borderline criminal, meaning I talk to a lot of people that do things and as a police officer I see people's records, including their tickets. They can't pay the tickets if their licenses get suspended for things and so they will be arrested over and over, whether it is for driving with a suspended license, or for a "failure to pay fine" until they manage to get money from another source to pay off said tickets.

As an example, you commit a murder and evade the police afterwards. You'll be charged with murder (50 minutes, $7500) and felony evading (30 minutes, $5000). This will add up to a total of $12500 in-game cash worth of tickets. On top of this, you'll get your licenses suspended including your drivers and truckers license.


Like previously mentioned, it's basically an infinite loop. Someone gets arrested, they get their licenses suspended and a high amount of money worth of tickets, and they won't be able to make the money to pay off the tickets because they don't get cleared on arrest and end up being arrested again, only for this to repeat itself.

I've been told that this is a glitch, and if it is, this is more of a plea for it to be fixed, otherwise this is a suggestion that I'm sure people agree with, especially repeat offenders in-game.

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