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Invest in the red, it's in your interest.
Maze Bank Central


You dream about what you want but those who trust Maze Bank have it already!
A car, a house or a business? For us it does not matter, we just want to see you smile.

Los Santos is very busy and so are its citizens. We all have a job, a car, a hobby and a family, more or less.
Why would you take time from what you love and give it to what you don't? Why would you give the money you work for to those you don't trust?

Here at Maze Bank, we have more than what they have and we also have what they don't.
Security, cost-effectiveness, attention to your needs, experienced advisors, flexibility, transparency & common sense.
In banking, a relationship is built on trust. This is why our employees at Maze Bank build that trust through their committment to doing the right thing and sharing our customers' vision for success.

What we do

Currently, the services we offer to our customers are:

  • Loans
    - for houses, cars, boats, businesses, studies and more
  • Investments
    - 101% insured
  • Middleman Service
  • Maze Bank Foreclosure & Real Estate
    - direct sale of properties & rent to own option
  • Asset Liquidation
  • Safe Boxes
  • Financial Planning, Debt & Liabilities
    - free of charge
    - with our best advisors

Where are we
Maze Bank Tower is a 1.050-foot (316 meters), 96-story skyscraper in Downtown Los Santos.



#582 4080 - CEO
#539 1749 - S. Colonna, CMO
or just use the buzz inside the office. Someone will answer if we are around.
If we are unavailable we advise you to contact Maze Bank West.

Maze Bank Central is a subsidiary of Shadow Enterprises, a business association for better business.

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