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Steve Atkins

A man whose Dream was stolen.

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Steve Atkins was your typical kid. Went to school, lived in suburbia, married his high school sweetheart, yadda yadda yadda. The same old story sung by the masses as “The right way to live life.” 


After graduating high school, Steve spent several years in Military service, including time in a combat zone. The camaraderie and brotherhood service brought was surely missed by Steve after his enlistment ended. Everyone had the same mindset, the same goals, the same drive and determination as everyone else. Military service taught Steve discipline, respect, community, team work, mission first, and self sacrifice. Life was simple. Everyone knew the plan, and we worked to accomplish the mission, no matter what. 


Completing his military service and finishing up college majoring in Computer Technology several years later, Steve started working in a white collar office setting. Leading project teams, making moves within his career. Steve was on track for upper management positions and more. A new home purchase was in the works, and the white picket fence “American Dream” was on the horizon.


 “This is great,” he thought. How could this get any better? Steve had it all, educated, strong, young, seasoned veteran, world experiences, true love, everything. Nothing could bring him down... so he thought. 


Steve’s world crashed head first into reality at 1000 mile per hour. That day the love of his life died in a tragic accident. Riding her bike one frosty morning in late August 2018, Steve’s wife was struck from behind by a drunk driver high on drugs and prescriptions. This careless and selfish act had affected Steve in ways he never thought possible. Surely death is a relief compared to this blackened heart that has grown within him. 


“Why do I deserve this? Why does God allow these things to happen?  Why did my wife have to DIE! WHY?!”


These thoughts ate away at Steve’s sanity, compassion, and soul. Steve was in a reclusive pattern of behavior spiraling downward. Something new was needed. A refresh of sorts, another drastic change in life. 


Abandoning all previous responsibilities and commitments tied to that white collar life, Steve quietly arrived in Los Santos in October 2019 to get away from everything that reminded him of what he once had. 


Social events, hanging around the bank, and generally being polite seemed like the right way to get started in the city. There was a meet and greet at Hookies, a bar owned by a local Motorcycle Club. Looked like several gangs attended and socialized. Some cars from the museum were on hand for test driving. It was great. There are lots of people in town, lots of possibilities.


Work started with the typical farming and other low rent 9-5 jobs. Sure, a steady flow of income was there, but it lacked any type of engagement or sustenance. Plowing the fields endlessly and driving here and there to service ATMs... it's nice for a bit it keeps the mind focused elsewhere, but quickly produces an empty feeling devoid of any true success. This emptiness inside must be filled, for it will only fester into a cancerous outlook on life. A new dream is needed. 


A few run ins with local power hungry law enforcement and a few do good tow companies that swoop in to take advantage of citizens with little to no recourse quickly set the tone for Steve. The city was in it for itself. 


“Do I allow it to consume me and not risk anything for a chance at a new dream? No,no more sitting idly on the sidelines in the safety of conformity.  Taking risks, pushing the boundary of right and wrong, legal and illegal, are my goals now.“


These recent events lead Steve to begin pursuing opportunities the only way he knew how, go out there and look. Steve meet some crazy folks, and pursued some short term business ventures in horticulture, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. Doing so presented a chance to meet local community groups. And after a brief discussion, and paying taxes, the true realization to the old adage was more prevalent than ever, strength in numbers is required for success as these tax paying opportunities continue to occur several more times.


“Can I get stronger? Is there an opportunity for me in this city? I know I can contribute to the success of  teamwork.”


Steve’s goal is to be accepted by a local community organization where he can contribute to the success of that group. Keeping a clean record and appearing to maintain good standing with local government could prove useful to Los Santos community organizations. 


Thus began Steve’s journey into the underbelly, the world of surprises, danger, wealth, and opportunity. The immediate goals are to get in good with local community groups, learn the culture of the city to know who is who and what is what; show respect where it is due. Finally find a group, earn their respect and trust, prove loyalty to them. Become part of something larger than yourself. 


Here’s looking to opportunities for the future. 


-Steve Atkins

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