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What form of RP is this?

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Hello, newbie here. I just for the sake of curiosity thought is this server light/medium/heavy RP based server, duh it's RP but since I can see abandoned cop cars in middle of the street and idiots rammin trough intersections destroying several lamp posts and street signs along the way with their 5mil $ cars so that lead me to a thought that wether this server is as said, light/medium or heavy RP?


Cheers. PS. The In-Game community seems nice so far compared to your competeting English RP server

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Ok I see, but I think just for the sake of RP that there should be more order to driving and parking cars, it's a huge mess in some bigger parking lots sometimes. Altho' I have met some folks driving very nicely and follow the most basic driving rules, afterall it's just a game tho' I know.

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