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Just a lad from NGRP who jumped into the not-so-nextgen

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Hey. I played SAMP for almost 10 years, mostly in NGG, but I also was in the old LSRP and HZRP for a little while. I remained unknown for the most part, mostly becaused I liked to switch names like a madman, but isome of them like Eristoff Greenfield, Nikolai Novikov and Emilio Castiglione might ring you a bell. I was in a shitload of factions, gangs and even unofficial families under different names and all that, can't really remember most names after all these years, so, yeah.

Anyways, just dropped by to say hello and introduce myself. I'm under the name Emiliano Castiglione here, so if there's anybody from NGG who I might have crossed paths with at some point, just leave a message.


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