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Poker in prison

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I think the best thing would happen with current prison rp is to change the way poker works, from when it was implemented i don’t think it was used more than 10 times.

I would suggest to change it from stamps to money, play with your bank account money.I know a lot of people will say that’s not realistic you will never gonna see poker with the credit card in prison, i would agree a litle bit but at the same time you will never gonna see someone get his sentence reduced because he win a good hand at poker, you will never see inmates with pickaxes running in prison.You see inmates posting on social media, why can’t they play online poker?

I think it would step up a litle the prison rp and it will give the inmates opportunity to get broke aswell while in prison and it will give them something to do in their 7h.

I mean there will be another way, like getting packages from outside with cash in them, but it will be way harder to do it, since if you win and you have the chance to get killed and it will bring chaos, that’s why i think is allowing using the bank account money is the better way.

There can be limits on highest bet or limit it to 10 25 or 50k the amount of money you can play in a sentence 

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I always thought a DOC commisary account would be nice, could have people from the outside load it up for you. Can get you some snacks, and water. Could even get yourself a business flipping that stuff for stamps to get out faster.


I know this has nothing to do with your suggestion but yes the poker table needs fixed badly. I would have loved to see a group of inmates shit talking and getting into fights while I worked DOC cat walk, but I've never seen a single person play 😞

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