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Short Life Story and Details of Zachary ''Zach'' Orlov

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Zachary Orlov


  • Basic Information
  • First name: Zachary
    Last name: Orlov
  • Also Known As: Zach

    Body Shape: Hourglass body
    Weight: 209 lbs.
    Height: 6' 2" ft.
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Race: Russian

    Marital Status: Single

    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: 2nd of Decembet 1990
    Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
    Ethnicity: Russian

    Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Russian
    Sign Language


  • Education Information
  • High School: University of Los Santos
    Location: Strawberry, Los Santos
    Degree: Bachelor
  • Employment Information
  • Company: Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
    Positions: EMT

    Likes & Dislikes

    Likes / Interests:
  • Endurance Sports such as swimming and running.
    Creative hobbies such as painting and writing.
    Team Sports such as football, basketball.
    Strategic Games such as chess.
    Community involvement.
    Travelling the world.

  • Much junk food.


    Growing Up

    Zach Orlov known as a smart, loyal and mildy combative person who was born in Moscow, Russia. He grew up in a wealthy family, his father Grigory Orlov was the CEO of one of the biggest logistics companies in St. Petersburg, know as Crown Logistics Co, who would work hard five days a week with the two days Grigory had off he would do leisure activities, some to which Zach would be commonly invited too. This entailed hunting, basketball, doing adjustments around the house, sailing and golf. Zach found much love with the many activities his father shared with him over the years. Zachs mother has passed away while giving birth to Zach. He hardly ever talks about it but the love from his Dad Grigory has fullfilled everything in his life. 
    While growing up Zach felt entitled, which may have been the cause of some of the issues he had experienced while growing up, a significant event that Zach experienced was when he was only 15 years of age he started a brawl in the high school yards with a boy named Boris, Zach caused Boris to go to hospital for stitches to his noce and cheek bone. Later on influenced many decisions as he felt he had power to unleash. Upon turning 17 Zach was hungry for money and decided to make his own business by selling t-shirt, he would screen print them himself and sell them on the high street markets and to school mates in school. This has made Grigory the father of Zach very proud as at this young age he was already taking initiative to do something of his own.
    Little taste of business influenced Zach to do bigger and greater things in life, now that Zach is 28 years of age he shares many passions in his life like, giving money to charities, going on hunting trips with friends and his father, Zach has joined LSEMS to do greater things for others in Town. 



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