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Island Properties

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First, an “E” Menu

Currently, after purchasing an Island all you can do is build on it. 

Pressing E on the Island property marker doesn’t open up a menu like other properties. Which means you cannot sell it or interact with it at all. Ideally it would be similar to others, with a [Sell] Option and a small window with the property name/owner status.

Second, the /attachfaction cmd.

I am unsure if Islands will even be able to be attached to factions, but I think they should be, attempting to build an entire island by yourself is tedious, and somewhat unrealistic even. I think it would be nice if Official Factions had the ability to attach the said properties to the faction to allow other trusted personnel to work on it as well. 

Lastly and most obviously...

I’m well aware this issue effects a small percentage of players. I’m also aware Islands are fairly new to the server and most of what was mentioned could very well be in the works already! I hope I'm not pestering/looking impatient about the features, I just hope to have some more to do with the property as a whole!

Hope to hear feedback and comments. 

Thanks for your time 🙏🏼 

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