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bill smit

Help with event permit please

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Hello, long story short, i want an event permit to host a car meet, I've never seen an ad for one or been to one in eclipse. i think it is kinda weird how you need a permit since this server is about 2 things really, cars and people, and what better way than a car meet to meet people and look at cars? anyway, I've had no help from police nor admins with this problem of where to get an event permit. they all say "go to the government website" that's all. well the site isn't easy for me to personally navigate so I've had no luck or hope ever getting this "event permit" if you need to get a permit for this stuff and can't in RP then i feel IC players like police should at least help a little more, and i really think admins should point in a better direction. the best I've got so far is I'm looking for Edward sharp but cant find how to contact him. I'm sure some people might tell me that car shows are on often but i never see anything for them and that maybe because i am in Australia where the times don't mix well for high population. any help is truly appreciated

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